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YYC is about sailing - the skill, the sport, the friendships.

Whether you want to sail at Olympic level like the Toms (Burton, Slingsby), take on a challenge like Jessica, or simply take a leisurely cruise around the lake with some friends, YYC can get you started!

Discover Sailing open day programs are conducted at most sailing clubs, including YYC.  

Register for the next YYC event here - YYC Discover Sailing Event Registration.

Otherwise, search for your nearest locality in the Discover Sailing Program Finder.

But you do not have to wait, come down on any sailing day and talk to us about getting started.

To see what is coming up at YYC, check out our Home page for news items and keep an eye on our Events Calendar.

Sailing is for everyone...find our more below


If you want to try sailing, the best thing to do is come down to the club and have a chat. YYC has sailing events scheduled most Sundays and there is always someone that is willing to talk about how to get started. You do not even need your own boat as the club has a variety of boats to suit every family member and people of any physical ability. Even if you want to buy your own boat, sailing does not need to be an expensive exercise.

If you do not wait for the annual open day, come down and get started.

If you want to do some research before you come down to YYC, Yachting Victoria (which YYC is affiliated with) offers some great information on how to Discover Sailing (It is well worth reading).


If you think sailing is beyond your physical ability, think again!

You may like to check out the Sailability program available at certain clubs. check out the Discover Sailing page for more details.

You can also register for a Sailability program by searching for your locality in the Discover Sailing Program Finder or the Discover Sailing Activity Finder.

Whilst YYC does not currently operate a sailability program, nearby opportunities include:

  • Albury Wodonga Yacht Club - use the Discover Sailing Program or Activity Finder
  • Shepparton Sailing Club - Shepparton Sailability, which operates on Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton. For more information, contact 

Junior sailing

There are plenty of opportunities for children of all ages to learn to sail at YYC.

Whilst there is no particular minimum age, it is beneficial for your child to be able to understand and follow basic directions given by an adult.

Sailing is an active outdoor sport, so your child will need clothing suitable for participation in watersports and appropriate sun protection. Boat fittings and the surface of boat decks vary and can be rough on skin or clothes, so shorts are recommended at a minimum. Sailing at YYC is NOT about fashion - practicallity is the key. YYC has all other necessary equipment available for use on the day, including Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) to suit most sizes.

For more information e-mail us with your enquiry or simply come down to the club on a sailing day (check our calendar for dates).

Radio Control Sailing

YYC now supports Radio Control (RC) sailing with a new membership category, including Victorian Radio Yachting Association fees.

As many of our members are now enjoying this alternative form of sailing, we look forward to publishing more about coming activities and competitions.

For more information on RC yachting events, visit us on Facebook, check our Event calendar, or visit the Australian Radio Yachting Association website -

Regular sailing

There are a range of membership options available for ongoing access to the club's facilities, which includes a variety of sailing boats to suit every family member and for people of any physical ability.

For more information refer to our membership page.

To see what is coming up at YYC, check out our Home page for news items and keep an eye on our Events Calendar.


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